Long, puffy, choux pastry buns with lot of flavours : chocolate, vanilla, mango, raspberry, pistaccio, caramel, speculoos...

The "pain perdu" is a dish with bread soaked base in a mixture of milk and egg and cooked. Appreciated by everyone, it even becomes a gourmet dessert.



French desserts that sound super fancy, but are actually pretty simple and delicious, with lot of flavors : lemon, apple, raspberry, pear...

Our Pastries

Pain au chocolat

Pain perdu

The "croissant" is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie-pastry named for its well-known crescent shape.


French smooth, creamy and lightweight desserts with lot of flavors : chocolate, strawberry, pear...

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A classic pastry made with butter, flour, sugar, and milk this recipe is then baked with plain chocolate all the from france.