Victim of its success, La Vie Parisienne has transcended in beauty. The bakery has grown and is embellished to the delight of its guests.  In an elegant and mysterious atmosphere defined by beautiful furnitures and accents, La Vie Parisienne represents France and is the best of  Cebu.

   In a luxurious setting, La Vie Parisienne invites you to try the exquisite menu of the Pink House, Shanpelino Wine and french bread.
  The New Wine Cellar is distinguished by its luxurious, innovative French decor, combining special materials like wool, leather, wood, steel, etc. A plant wall borders the industrial image of the place to make it even more charming.

   La Vie Parisienne will continue to make you dream.

La Vie Parisienne | 371 Gorordo Avenue, Baranggay Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu 6000 PH | +63.9178414197  ©Louis Thevenin